Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Redo.

This potato bin was given to came looking like the above picture. I immediately knew I wanted to redo this piece and update its look. Out came the sander and paint and the picture below was the next look....a colonial red number with a little stressing added. It was actually darker than this picture shows which is neither here nor there because after we moved into our current place, it just didn't go and I knew another update was instore... :)
soooo....after another date with my sander and some little black paint accessorized with some stain, she was looking much like this picture below...I sanded down the edges buuuut it just didn't suit.
Now we got a new look that matches the rest of the new place...pretty sharp and my fav look thus far ;) who knows what else is in store for this piece?!

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