Friday, September 20, 2013

Common misconceptions and what it really means to me (Part 1)

This is a post I have been writing in my mind for a looong time....

Never really have been brave enough to post...until I read another's blog about what they believe and I was moved to share a little of my personal beliefs and some common misconceptions people make about me.

I remember a phone call I mistakenly answered...yeah you know the kind. Some person living in the 10/40 window asking for a "little" of my time to answer a "few" questions. The first time I told him that I didn't have time read I have 6 small children but he was one of those who wouldn't take no for an answer and so I told him to call back at a time I was sure TJ would be home ;) evil intentions intended!

I ended up taking the call again.( I have since learned how to simply and politely say no thank you and hang up.)

Question #1. How religious are you? not very, a little, a get the idea.
I don't consider myself "religious" and frankly don't like that word.

Question #2. How many times a week do you go to church? 1,2,3,4, or more?
ummmmm......usually 3 and many times every night of the week...bahahhahha I could hear his shocked gulping on the other end especially after the answer to my last question.


I don't consider myself to be religious and here's why....

Religion has many meanings....if it simply meant believing in God then why yes I am religious! but it often carries with it the idea that I am "bound" by a set of laws and duties and sacrifices and practices and crawling on my knees and so on and so forth and if I don't say my prayers, go to church every Sunday, read 3 chapters a day then I will not make it to Heaven. I find that very offensive and hence I don't like to use the word religious.

Instead I have a personal relationship with my Friend. Think about it like this....when you love someone and you're in that "courting" stage, your main aim in life is to be close to that someone special, do those things you know are going to please that special someone, talk to them, talk about them and drive all your other friends crazy! ;) SOOO...that's why you will find me in church, not because I HAVE too but because I want to. That's where I meet with my special friend and get close to Him and I also get to be encouraged and hopefully be an encouragement to my fellow Christian sisters and brothers. (I'm also a good Baptist in that I like to sit in the same place every time and I also enjoy fellowship that involves food! :)

Being a Christian doesn't make me superhuman...

I am a normal human being just like everybody else. I get angry, frustrated and hurt. I say the wrong things at the wrong times, I say things when I should be quiet....I lose my temper, I get impatient. I can be disrespectful. I am proud, selfish, lazy, opinionated and addicted to thrift store shopping. I have grey hair, acne, bowed legs, missing teeth, dandruff and I have to use deodorant and brush my teeth too. I like my comforts just as much as the next person. I get scared, I worry, I even get sick but that doesn't mean that I've done anything wrong and deserve just proves again that I am human, my body gets tired, my offspring don't wash their hands and the germs can have a party :)

I am just the same as everyone else EXCEPT one day I saw my need of the Saviour, I recognized Him as Creator of all and I asked Him to save me. NOW when I mess up I can simply go and ask forgiveness and He remembers my sin no more...EVERYTIME!

I don't think I'm better than you...

I am quiet and very much an introvert...I do not condone sin. I am a firm believer in the word of God.
Let me just remind you that I am not perfect but a sinner saved by such I hate the sin but love the sinner. I try to...I try to remember as the Lord showed grace and mercy towards me and still does everyday no matter how hard I fall and fail Him, He's still there loving me, encouraging me and with enough grace for me that it will never run out.....that's how I am to treat others. That's how I become Christlike. That's how I want to be...towards everybody...not judging but ready to help in anyway I can.

I also struggle with putting myself out there for people to laugh at, ridicule or otherwise stomp all over me and my faith...remember I'm human? but I need to stand for Jesus Christ who willingly gave His life for me and not be ashamed to be known as one of His.

Why yes! I home school my children...

The main reason I home school my children is simply because I want their education to be God-centered and you don't get that in public schools. Why would I bother filling their minds with all the bunk out there such as the big bang theory, the missing link and all those millions and billions of years when I know that God created the world in six days about 6000 years ago? That's just a waste of our time. As a Christian God is supposed to be the center of my life (except when I mess up 'cause remember I'm only human) and I want our children to have their focus on God. God created the earth...He is the ultimate scientist, mathematician, chemist, biologist, musician, etc. doesn't it make sense to study Him and learn from Him?

I am not a homeschooling only parent. If I have access to a good Christian school you can be sure I would be considering using it :)

Another comment I hear is that I am sheltering my children and depriving them....these folks have obviously not met my children or spent much time with them. They are NOT quiet, shy, or retiring. I'm always telling them to be quiet and that every cashier doesn't need to know our life story. Now if you mean that my children don't know all the latest hipster talk, the coolest swear words, the different kinds of drugs and how to use them, the latest fashion trends and what a hangover is then YES my kids are sheltered and they are staying that way. They don't need to participate in things like that to be aware...I teach them as the need or occasion arises and try to maintain their innocence and purity and if you want to call  them sheltered, go ahead! I proudly accept that :) which will lead me to part 2 another day :)

*I definitely have not exhausted all my thoughts and feelings on these various subjects but I kept it as short,sweet and as close to the point as I could. Sharing your thoughts is welcome, I enjoy reading comments....feel free to disagree but please write your own blog post and not use mine as your platform :) Thank-you!

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