Monday, August 19, 2013


well I didn't get around to any outfit pics this past weekend as it was very hectic and I spent most of Sunday in bed with the mother of all headaches...Sunday morning's outfit was nothing special just a khaki skirt and blouse. So today I will instead update you on a few projects I have been working is not done as you will see because I 've been wondering just how I wanted this piece to end up looking and I couldn't quite capture what I wanted UNTIL last night. I was looking through pinterest(me loove!) and I saw it! Exactly what I wanted to do......soooooooo I'll show ya :)
this has been painted...
this is the bottom half...doors and drawers still to be done...

 the back on this is just that cheap "cardboard" stuff and I was undecided what I should do about the drawers and the doors until I saw this picture and then it clicked! I will paint it all the same beautiful heirloom white and I will replace the cheap back with pallet boards which I will stain a dark colour!!! perfect, it all then fell together in my mind ;) the picture below is a shelf with pallet boards on the back...I love the rustic/country feel of it and it will be perfect for my hutch! I can't wait to get it finished.
 **Noting Grace**: DIY Pallet Bookcase Tutorial
 my other project I have just completed is this beautiful shelf...I spotted it and it's beautiful potential at my favourite place...Value Village for a couple bucks :) I love the slat look it has and was excited because the doors on  my hutch above have that same look so I knew I could bring them both together :)
I have several projects to be oldest girls' dresser needs an update....pallet bookshelfs and coffee table and a couple sofa tables or benches made from pallets! pallets??? look it up....they make awesome rustic looking furniture! I am desperate for bookshelves for school sooo these projects can't get done soon enough for me!

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  1. Oh I love all your beautiful work! I know how hard it is to refinish furniture like that and you are doing an amazing job. One of these days I have a coffee table and side table to refinish. I may have to ask you what I should do with it.