Monday, July 15, 2013

This blog must come with warnings :) yeah I know I promised posts and really I have been working on them (i REALLY HAVE!)

I just want to start out by saying a few things. In the process of discovering who I am (long story) and yes at the ripe age of 34 I find myself still learning.....

One thing I must admit that I have only recently finally realized( read God opened my eyes to face reality) is that I have very strong opinions... Oooo! I do...I really do...I have these very strong opinions and most of the time I tell them to Me, who happens to be a very close friend of mine. Me told me the other day that there is nothing wrong with telling others my opinions but there is a problem with not allowing opinions...whether they are my own or belong to someone else. Our pastor preached a message not too long ago about contending versus contention....there is a difference folks! I never really thought about this before or maybe I did just in different terminology but regardless God got my attention this time.

I have opinions folks...shocker!

I know you do too ;)

SOOOOOO.....the point of this is to say, you might visit my blog(I hope you do!) and find my opinions all neatly laid out in perfect little black letters (well let's hope there are no errors in punctuation and grammar and spelling and so on! but you know it's my blog...I can do whatever I want)....I am a huge fan of dots........... ;) and parentheses!

I am learning the importance (and not always the easy way) of having opinions/beliefs/strong convictions and allowing others to have differing ones and yet remain friends on friendly terms.

I also am learning the importance of choosing your battles, the time and the place.

As a KJV Bible- believing Christian...there is always the big issue of separation and so on and so forth...and I do have opinions on that...that is not necessarily what I am speaking of here. I am mostly referring to ...oh you know....pepsi or coke (pepsi ALL the way here people!) or white gold...polka dots or stripes...heels or flats...long hair or short?...softball or volleyball...girls...boys...husbands...wives...china?...paint? or English garden...Dodge or know those kind!!!'re probably going to read my opinions...(frankly Me told me I really needed to get a hobby!) and please feel free to chime in and agree or disagree...I may agree to disagree or I may give you a cyber highfive girlfriend! but let's keep this clean, honest, fun and friendly.

I tell my girls and Me quite often "remember who you are"....

#1. I'm a child of God-act like it!
#2. I'm a Jones-what I do or say reflects not only on myself but my family!

and all things herein considered I'm hoping to be posting on a somewhat regular basis...

sometimes with an opinion

sometimes with a picture

sometimes with a family update

who knows what next??!!


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