Tuesday, May 8, 2012



my dryer quit on me...


to be fair he did warn me on Friday....he gave notice(but not a 2 week notice)....cause on Saturday he walked out.

I have 6 kids.....and a TJ.

I was not impressed.

at the best of times my wash is climbing the walls...

at the worst of times it is overrunning all baskets, covering the bedroom floors, invading all my bathrooms and the laundry room itself requires a LOOT of fortitude to even get into....

( I am noot exaggerating!)


our landlord (who lives on the other side of the country) replied that he would get to it when he comes next week....

I'm liiiikkkeee ( which i hate saying "like") excuse me!!! next week!!!! and what am I supposed to do in the meantime??!!!!!!

by that time we would probably be wearing garbage bags....all wet towels would be stinky and yucky, I will not go any further cause it's just gross...dirty clothes are gross!

thankfully, my hero/TJ stepped in, found and called a repair man and got it fixed this morning!

mothers cannot survive without a dryer, unless you have a clothesline, which I would looove but I don't have one.

I'm the crazy lady who continued to wash clothes and hung them up to dry on the trampoline...draped them across the lawn chairs....hung them on the backs of all available furniture, railings and baskets.

my OCD went crazy...

stacks of clothes everywhere....

clean clothes...dirty clothes....and no organization whatsoever! :)

I survived!

I'm doing laundry!

I'm thanking God for husbands, repairmen and dryers!


  1. You still make me laugh! I miss you sooo much!
    Glad your dryer got fixed 'cause I"m totally up there with you! We had the washer break (we only have one for the entire apartment) last summer and no one would call to get it fixed (so I did...can't live without clean laundry!!!)

    1. hehe..I'm coming home girl! we need to visit! and you should come out to the special meetings they are having at Charity while I'm there...and we can sing together, you know you want to!!!