Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Wednesday!

5 random facts about me:

#1. I looove chocolate........dark chocolate,easter eggs,mars bars,aero,pudding,ice name it it must be chocolate!! and what's with "white" chocolate???!!! I mean seriously??!!!! that doesn't even make sense! ;) but my all-time fav is chocolate covered almonds...mmmmmmmm

#2. I was married when I was 19.

#3. I have 6 girls...all by the time I was 28 :)

#4. We sold everything we had except for personal belongings..loaded our girls and dog into the van and headed to the other side of the country...leaving most of our family and friends and the place we lived our entire lives behind for a fresh new start :) It's been great!

#5. I want to go to school to become a paramedic.

My oldest daughter loves all things art....and these are 2 of her latest drawings.

 My latest find at VV!

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