Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eggs and Sheets?!

Hello World! promised I did take a pic of my duvet. When I was taking the picture I was thinking to myself "what crazy person takes a pic of their ugly bed?!" me I guess! I bought a set of queen size sheets from, yeah you guessed it VV a couple weeks ago, and today I finally got them on the bed and discovered that they were 100% Egyptian cotton. LOL I never ever dreamed I would ever sleep on Egyptian cotton, but I am! We were in need of sheets for our bed...and now we have a really nice set which only cost us 7$ exciting is that??!!!

My olders spent most of the day Monday making Ukrainian Easter eggs. A lady came in and spent the day with them teaching them all about Ukraine. They were soo excited to show me the results of their hard work.


  1. How creative and neat! Those look great for Easter :)

  2. Thank-you! they are pretty sweet and they're varnished and so shiny and smooth! :)