Friday, December 9, 2011

I ran out of bread this morning.....THANK THE LORD!!

What an odd title you must be saying to yourself right now......I will admit to finding it somewhat odd myself and it was born among my very own thoughts this morning. It all started around 7:20 this morning as I hauled my stubborn lazy sleepy self out of bed this morning....(she really needs some serious self-discipline, this one!) She hauled on some clothes and stumbled downstairs flicking lights on as she went and poking little girls ( a delightful thing to do!) telling them to up an at it, time for school! Downstairs she opened up the pantry door and reached for the bread...gotta get those lunches made before 5 heads of messy hair arrived downstairs to resume the ongoing battle with her hairbrush. NO BREAD!! WHAT!!! she looked again to find only a couple of dried out crusts and a few moldy slices....OH NO! now she would have to take the girls to to the grocery bread....go home...make lunches..and then go back to the school to deliver them before the girls left on their fieldtrip. SIIIIIGH! and all this before that soothing cup of hot chocolate!

 Things didn't run as smoothly as I would like this morning but then something happened at the grocery store that helped me put things into perspective......Thank the Lord I ran out of bread this morning!!! As I was standing in line a lady came up behind this lady was someone I waved to every morning when I dropped my girls at school....I didn't know her name but I recognized her face. As we were talking she gave me an update on a young wife and mother we all have been praying for....she has cancer, a very fast growing terminal cancer....she was not expected to last the night and if she did would be having surgery to give her enough time to say goodbye to her family. My heart aches soooo for this young family.....and I cannot begin to imagine what they are going through now or in the future. Soooo I ran out of bread this morning.....I wasn't fighting for my life in the hospital...I wasn't saying goodbye to my loved ones......This lady also shared with me how she had lost her daughter a while ago to cancer and how they had watched her suffer and fight for 5 years....soooo I ran out of bread this morning. Yesterday my daughter fractured her thumb and it took about 8 hours before she finally got in for xrays and got it taken care of. It was a lot of running around avoiding the hospital emergency only to end up being sent to the children's hospital in the end anyway because she had to be put to sleep. She was done and home in bed by 11:30 last night. But thank the Lord she came was just a fractured thumb....and sooooo today I am thanking the Lord that I ran out of bread this morning.

at doctor's #1
poor little crooked thumb
at doctor's #2
bruising beginning


at the children's hospital waiting to be put under
all done!!!! waiting to go home.

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