Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get Thee behind Me, Satan!!

Somebody once told me that life can be organized into 3 basic times......(1)I will be in the middle of a trial,(2) I will be heading out of a trial or (3) I will be about to head into a trial. My personal devotional life will help prepare and keep me through these times and determine how I weather the storm.

I have been enjoying a time of fellowship with God....a time of challenge and refreshment...and then I think Satan woke up! He has invaded my mind with memories, things I didn't have or didn't get a chance to do...guilt for sins and mistakes I have name it I've got it! It has been a struggle to keep digging in the Word and I must admit to some days just not even today I am digging my heels in and Satan is going to have to stop pulling me down.

I take encouragement in the thought that I must have been on the right path or Satan wouldn't have bothered with me :) I am reminded of this song and today I shall go forth singing it and pray to the Lord for forgiveness and take up the Sword again.

Let ev'ry Giant of Distress and Unbelief and Sin
Get ready now to vacate, for you see:
I've come from out the Wilderness! I know I'm going to win!
I want that mountain, it belongs to me!

    I want that mountain! I want that mountain!
    Where the milk and honey flow, where the grapes of Eshcol grow,
    I want that mountain! I want that mountain!
    The mountain that my Lord has given me!

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