Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My heart is soo overflowing right now that I just have to take a few minutes to let some drops spill onto this page and share with you.

Personally, I have been seeking a revival in my heart.....keeping with this thought I purchased a book from our book nook at church called "Prayer Asking and Receiving" written by John R. Rice ( who incidentally had 6 daughters also!!!) This was the best $13.45 I have ever spent in my life!!!! I couldn't wait to begin reading and went out to the parking lot and delved into this delicious book.....after of course I smelled the pages :) Let me tell you I didn't get far before the Lord started speaking to my heart!!! I couldn't put it down...I was reading between laundry lessons...vacuuming...history lessons and so get the idea!!! I have now read the first seven chapters and here is where the story gets even better!

This afternoon as we were in the middle of our science lesson high up in the clouds, in particular the mighty cumulonimbus otherwise called the thunderhead.....the littles came to me and said that the lights wouldn't work and that they were going to tell Daddy when he came home that he needed to change the bulbs. Well, this house has many lights that don't work right now simply because we have just moved in and haven't yet had a chance to get everything up and running perfectly. So I said "yeah, ok that's nice hunny" and back to the makings of hail. But shortly thereafter they returned with more tales of lights not working....soooooooooo I tried some myself nothing!!!

"Well now," I thought to myself "what is up with that?" So I called TJ and reported the findings and asked what I should do or not do and why we had no power. After checking all the regular things one would check and finding all to be normal, he called the power company. Apparently they said that we had given them the wrong address when we called to switch our power over....we live on 26ST and they had 26 Ave. in their system. Well they said that it would be at least 2 days before getting someone out to hook it up unless we wanted to pay extra after which there was no sure guarantee we would get it any faster. TJ was not impressed. Going without power is not fun!!! especially with kids!! Well they said they would look into it and determine whose fault it was and sort it out from there and left us at that.

After hearing this news I went into my room and there on my bed was my book on prayer. I picked it up and opened it to the chapter I was reading "Praying for Daily Bread". Here was something we needed....something I could ask for that was in the will of God...but did I have the faith?? I wanted the faith...I wanted the power of prayer....did I dare ask for God to turn the power back on today???!!!!

Down beside my bed I fell and poured out our need in prayer....I asked God to turn the power back on today and claimed the verses I had been reading and studying about asking and receiving. I asked Him to prove to me as Gideon did that He was indeed a God who answered prayer. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon.

I had butterflies all afternoon and kept glancing at my clock in the bedroom as I continued to read expecting right then to see the familiar red flashing numbers...............but they didn't come. "Well He still has time," I thought and continued reading. After a bit I took the girls for a walk hoping that when I returned surely the lights would be back on and I could cook supper.........didn't happen. TJ came home and started calling for a generator..I said nothing of my prayer request. Still no power...MacDonalds for supper.....still no power. TJ left with the oldest 3 for prayer meeting and I remained with the littles who are fighting headaches and colds and sore power. TJ hauled in some water for flushing the toilets before he left and had hooked up our sump pump to the neighbor's power. I put the kids to bed and was back to reading......I was starting to think "why God??? but wait the day isn't over yet....have faith Heidi!!! don't give up yet!!"

Faintly over the sounds of the littles playing and talking I heard some knocking on the door. I RAN TO THE WINDOW TO SEE WHO COULD BE THERE..................... outside my house was a little white truck with EPCOR written on the side. MY POWER!!! MY ANSWER TO PRAYER!!! quickly I ran back to my room, threw on some clothes, raced downstairs to catch my knight in shining armor before he could depart. As I ran down the stairs I said to myself, "self, wait a second, this is your answer to prayer, he's not going anywhere till he has done what God sent him here to do.....slow down before you fall down!!!" Calmly I answered the door to see the funny little man with some kind of Irish?? accent starting to hook my power back up. "I came to put your power back on," he said to me with a smile. My heart was soooo overwhelmed I nearly burst into tears right then and there but I managed to stand on my front porch with my littles and listen to them excitedly telling the man that their "bedwoom lights don't work" and hearing
his reply "well they will in a second!"

It was 8:00. God didn't answer immediately but He certainly answered my specific prayer request and proved that He is a loving, caring God who wants to answer prayer and give me my daily bread. I am sooooo encouraged!!! I can hardly tell you how much....or share with you all that the Lord is doing in my heart right now and leading up to today. But I do want to give God the glory tonight for answered prayer...MY prayer! so goodnight dear friends.....I am going to turn off my lamp now but the light in my heart is burning so bright I may not be able to sleep! :D


  1. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing that Heidi! I think I may have to look for that book as well! Sounds like something I REALLY need to read!

    ~ Kim