Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Things....

Little girls are the best little things of all!! These 2 like to help shovel the driveway and did a very good job :)
This is the second snow removal process of the front of our house.
This is our new chair we got from my is soooo nice to finally have another piece of furniture!!! It makes our livingroom so much more cozy :D

This is my morning devotions chair....though I usually have to chase the "things" away first!! ahhhhhhhh, right beside the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate......what more could I ask for?!

On Saturday the girls and I made up flyers advertising snow removal from the roofs.....the girls had lots of fun thinking of how surprised Daddy would be and praying that people would call him to come clear their snow.....they were soo cute running from house to house. So far 2 jobs have come in :)
These 2 found these jumpers that I made for Margie and Mel when they were that little....they were sooo excited and wanted to wear them to church.
They were even more excited to learn that Momma had made a skirt that matched them.....Daddy wore his matching tie and Bug said "Daddy, don't you wish you had pants that were blue wis yellow stripes too like us?!" hahahha

These were some of the little things that made my weekend!!

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