Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dig them out, get them gone!

1. Who I am is not dependent upon anyone else.

2. My relationship with God is independent of any other relationship.

3. My dedication to the Lord is independent of any other relationship.

4. My sense of value is relative to my relationship with God.

5. God is all-powerful in all situations.

6. Whatever circumstances exist, my inner peace comes from God alone, and not from any other relationship.

7. God is a jealous God; He requires total dedication to Him, independent of any other relationship.

8. God alone can bring real peace and happiness.

9. God alone can bring good spiritual health.

10. God alone can bring good mental health.

My worth is immeasurable to God for He created me; He knows me thoroughly; and He loves me eternally.

I came across these thoughts in a devotional for women I have been is the desire of my heart to develop a sweet relationship with God and be unaffected by the opinions of others. I am soo easily influenced and I want to break free of that this year keeping in mind that I also need to have a meek and quiet spirit and keep my opinions to myself. :)

On another note...I am asking the Lord to help me guard my tongue and to "be ye kind one to another" especially my girls. It is soo easy to get frustrated and lash out and oh soo many times every day I am guilty of that.....the Lord has convicted me and I want the victory this year.

Pray for me as I "dig them out, get them gone" and hopefully soon I will be planting "all the blessed virtues of the Book within."

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