Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is my most favourite month of the year! December brings around another anniversary...this year will be our 12th :) also brings to me another completed year of my life :o but more than these it brings the kid out in me every year!!!(thus defying my birthday..mwhahaha) I love the snow and the beautiful frost that covers the tree branches making my world seem like some winter dream land...I love the Christmas lights and the beautiful decorations (only wish I had the money to buy them!) love, love,love the Christmas music which I start listening to in October sometimes even September :/ I love the excitement of the kids as the Day draws near...I love Christmas stockings and get-togethers with family and friends....basically I am on a high for the entire month of December!

BUT before we can completely enjoy our month we have to get over exams and finish our I blog the older girls are writing their Canadian geography exam and Peanut is stuck on what is the opposite of "walk" :) We have managed to write our math and Language exams this week also as well as keep up on our regular schoolwork so we can be done and enjoy a break soon. Tomorrow we will be working on our 12 lesson Spelling exam and then next week we will finish with Science, History and Bible. Exams are a trying time for me! I am the teacher as well as the tutor as well as the parent who must study...why do I do this to myself?! LOL needless to say we are putting in some very long days this week and will continue until the exams are done. Please pray that I will have patience :/

In other news, tomorrow night the men's quartet will be providing the Christmas music for another church's Christmas banquet. I am the pianist which is both exhilerating and nerve-wracking at the same time!!! I hope to be able to record a little bit of it on my camera but it might be hard to do since I will be playing but we'll see. The hardest part is that I will be leaving my kids with a sitter....I DON'T WANT TOO!!!!! I am sure they will have fun and be safe but my mother's heart is aching already....I know my "buggy" will not be impressed that I am leaving her with a stranger...that may be part of it right there...they don't know this sitter and neither do I but she is the pastor's wife of the church here in town and has 7 children of her own I believe.

Anyway I guess I better get going.....more teaching to do, more studying to supervise, lunch and the list goes on......hope you are enjoying December as much as we are! :)

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