Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!


It has been 6 whole years!! I can hardly believe it! 6 years ago today I was rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section due to preeclempsia. I had no idea what I was in for! That day could very well have ended in tragedy. Little did I know as I was taken into surgery that I would become deathly ill(even more so than I already was) and that for our little baby girl it may already be too late. Two hours later, our wonderful doctors and nurses had successfully delivered our baby girl and though they had to work on her twice, she was small but mighty and was holding her own. Not so her mother. My blood pressure had risen to levels beyond which my doctor had never seen in all his time of practice. They feared for me and expected me to have a stroke at any time. I was put on 24 hour care and on more medication than I have veins to hold the needles for :) ..meds to prevent seizures, meds. to try to control the bp…etc. My blood pressure read 206/145..my body was retaining all fluids and my organs were shutting down. I remember very little..I do remember throwing up…I do remember TJ having to leave the operating room…I do remember nurses whispering about my blood pressure..I do remember a little purple hat…

The Lord was in control and two days later I was slowly taken off the medication and my body starting functioning again….more importantly I got to see our tiny little girl and hold her for the first time. At birth she was 4 lbs. and very dainty. Daddy called her his little peanut. She became sick that same afternoon and had to have all sorts of tests…have you ever watched a spinal tap being done on a tiny little baby?? I have!!! She had to be transferred to the NICU in the IWK Hospital and was flown there by helicopter at midnight 2 days after she was born. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done….watch my little baby fly away that night not knowing if I would ever see her alive again. I was transferred the next day and TJ took me in to the city where I could be with my girl and still have care for myself. She was in there for a week on the breathing machine and covered in monitors…she was now 3 lbs.7 oz. Gradually she started gaining weight and was able to go back to the hospital where she was born and was there for another month. We took her home weighing 5 lbs. What a time!! What a blessing! I would never trade that time in for an easier one! I count it a privilege that the Lord chose to put us through such a time…how He must love us!!!

On our way home from the hospital we were listening to a tape….the song was ” I Sing the Mighty Power of God”…..in that song is a line which goes “all that borrows life from Thee is ever in Thy care”….God spoke to my heart and every time I sing that song I remember Kristen and the Lord’s love for us.

Today we will celebrate little Miss Kristen’s 6th birthday…and we will thank and praise the Lord for His wonderful, amazing love and care for us. Happy Birthday Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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